Corona Virus: Do this instead of freaking out
March 7, 2020 at 12:30 AM
by Jonah Larkin
Corona Virus: Do this instead of freaking out

Corona is a serious virus.

At the same time we need to take a look at the reality vs. the hype.

Currently there have been only 236 cases of Corona virus in the US and 14 deaths.

So the chances your sneezing, coughing colleague has Corona are very very very very low. 

If we want to look at relative risks and statistics about 102 people die every day in auto accidents in the US.  

About the same number of people die from the regular flu every day.

So if you're feeling at all panicked or even paranoid about Corona realize that its your primitive brain reacting in fear.

There's nothing wrong with you if you are scared.

Your brain is working as it's supposed to. 

But it just so happens that messaging from the media is really good at tapping into this part of the brain called the Limbic System.

The limbic system is the mammalian brain and is where emotions, memories, habits and attachments are stored.

It is considered the "emotional and feeling" brain. 

It's designed to protect us when we see something in our environment that presents as a threat.

And as we can see from basic stats Corona represents a very small immediate threat to your survival.

However, if you're paranoid about it, I invite you to relax just a little.

Can you be 10% more relaxed than you are now?

It will help your immune system out.

Because the immune system works by separating friendly from invader it's very important for it to feel safe.

Physiologically, safety shows up as low levels of inflammation.

When the stress hormones cortisol and nor-epinephrine are at high levels for more than a few seconds or even minutes at a time, your body begins to inflame.

And when high levels of inflammation are chronic the immune system may start attacking cells that are perfectly healthy inside your own body!

This is one of the theories behind the rise in auto-immune conditions.

Higher levels of chronic inflammation result in higher levels of auto-immune disease like hashimotos, IBS, Chrons, Lupus, Allergies, the list goes on.

So by you yourself feeling safe, you'll have lower levels of stress hormones, lower inflammation and your immune system will be primed to kick out any nasty invaders. 

The best way to feel safe is to feel and express love and receive love from those people who are closest to you in your life.

In fact, sickness can be predicted when correlated with the state of our intimate relationships.

So give some love and open yourself up to receive some love as well.

Make sense?

Okay, now for some physical defense strategies.

1. Take Zinc Lozenges if you are feeling at all sick.  (a 2017 meta-analysis showed a 33%-40% decrease in length of colds.  The corona virus is a cold virus)

2.  Take and especially eat lots of probiotics because your microbiome is one of the keys to your immune system.  I recommend taking 100-200 Billion live cultures per day if you are feeling at all sick.  Take 20-50 Billion on a daily basis for maintenance.  But also eat foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass, full fat organic grass fed kefir, and lot's of other plants that contain a wide variety of polyphenols.  You're body makes bacteria in response to the type of polyphenol, so the more the better.

3.  Vitamin D + K2 (4000 IU per day).  Vitamin D is an especially important immune system modulator and is key for proper hormone regulation.  Most Americans are severely deficient in vitamin D because we just aren't exposed to enough sunlight.  Try to find a D with K2 because they work synergistically.

4. Vitamin C (1000-5000 mg per day), Vitamin E (400 IU per day), B vitamins especially B6.

5. Your favorite immune boosting herbs.  As a Chinese Medicine guy my favorite is Astragalus.

And of course wash yo dang hands!